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Do you have a clothing idea you want to bring to life, but want to work with a local team of industry veterans to guide you through the process? Our team will provide design and technical insight and we will work with you to develop a prototype that's fit right and ready for production. 


Our experienced sourcing team will help you find the fabric, materials, labels and trims based on your garment requirements. We have partnerships with both local and offshore textile mills and suppliers to develop most anything your brand needs.

Pattern Drafting

We have a roster of both in-house and external pattern makers who will draft patterns from technical flat sketches, photos or existing garments with measurements.


Once your design is finalized we work with you to create PP samples so your garment is ready for production.

Sizing & Grading

PGF can assist in setting basic grade rules by creating sizing that is specific to your target market. Grading can be done by hand or digitally with the latest software in the industry.

 Fill out the form below to determine your eligibility for our full service program. Eligible applicants will be contacted for a 15 minute discovery call.