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Peros Garment Factory is a full-service apparel manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada. Our in-house team has over 18 years of experience in garment manufacturing and fashion, sportswear, athletic apparel and uniform consulting. We specialize in activewear blanks and sports jerseys and uniforms.


We provides a complete suite of clothing manufacturing-related solutions, from design consultation, pattern drafting, sample making and production within the Greater Toronto Area.


We have two GTA locations – one in Scarborough and one in downtown Toronto. Our offshore facilities and partner factories are based in Asia and run 7 days a week to help us fulfill whatever needs we and our clients require. Our Toronto-based factory prides itself on promoting sustainable production processes, ethical fashion and responsible manufacturing.


Production & Design



Our apparel production capacity is up to 6000 to 8000 units per month. As a boutique-style garment factory, we are also able to offer flexible minimums to accommodate specialty and custom, intricate garments. We are one of the last remaining garment factories left in Toronto capable of flexible minimums for our clients.


Our Toronto-based, experienced sourcing specialists will help you find the fabric, material, labels and trims, based on your unique garment requirements. We have partnerships with overseas textile mills, and can also work with the remaining domestic mills in Canada to source the fabric you are looking for.


The team at PGF specializes in creating markers that maximize fabric yields and minimize waste. Our expert team has over 18 years of experience designing and developing for prominent Canadian apparel brands.


PGF is well versed in sublimation dye printing that allows for full color artwork to be replicated on fabric. This is specifically useful for sports uniforms and team jerseys. We are one of few shops in Toronto that specializes in sublimation printing.



Do you have a clothing idea you want to bring to life, but want to work with a local team of industry veterans to guide you through the process? Our team will provide design and technical insight and we will work with you to develop a prototype and create a finished tech pack.


We have a roster of both in-house and external pattern makers, who will draft patterns from technical flat sketches, photos or existing garments based in the GTA.


Once your design is finalized, we work with you to create pre-production samples so your garment is ready for production.


PGF can assist in setting basic grade rules by creating sizing that is specific to your target market. Grading can be done by hand or digitally with the latest software in the industry.

Our Studio

behind the scenes


Our Mission

EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE DOMESTIC MANUFACTURING. We view waste as a design flaw. When you work with Peros Garment Factory, you are teaming up with professionals that specialize in eliminating wasted time, resources and materials. This allows us to bring your vision to life, in the most efficient way possible. We are your one-stop-shop for the exceptional, Canadian-made apparel manufacturing.

RESPECTFUL AND SECURE WORK ENVIRONMENTS. “From dangerous working conditions to workplace discrimination, exploitation exists across all levels of the industry in a variety of shapes and forms. Companies should formalize respectful working conditions with policies that adhere to universal human rights.”


“Fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries in the world , 2016, supply chain waste was estimated at over 800,000 tons. Waste occurs at every stage of the fashion supply chain, and therefore each stage needs unique solutions for reducing waste.”

-Fashion Revolution- Issue #2


cutting & sewing


  • Single needle machines
  • Double needle machines
  • Serger machines
  • Coverstitch machines
  • Hem machines  
  • Cutting table
  • Flatlock machines


  • Waistband machines
  • Eyelet machines
  • Regular and keyhole button machines
  • Iron Press machines
  • Fusing machines
  • Bar tack machines
  • Blind cutting machines
  • Arm hole machines
  • Heat press machines
  • Subcontract silkscreening and embroidery services


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your manufacturing capabilities?

We manufacture almost anything. We are great with Knits! But we also do;

  • Wovens, Mens & Womens & Childrens Ready to wear
  • Soft Accessories
  • Bathing suites
  • Active Wear


We will not quote an exact production price until we have completed a sample for you, though estimates are possible.

How much to make samples and how long will it take?

Samples can cost between $130 – $500 depending on how complex the design is and what your upcoming production quantities are. We ask for 2 – 3 weeks to complete samples.

What are your minimums?

A: Our minimums start at 250 pieces with 3 colorways per style options.
Ex. Style #1000
Col.#1 Qty. 100
Col.#2 Qty. 100
Col.#3 Qty. 50
Total 250 pcs.

How long will it take to complete production and what are your timelines?

We ask for a minimum of 4-6 week after all your materials and trims have arrived to complete your production run. We understand that your production delivery date is a very important aspect in this type of business so we promise to be in constant communication throughout this process.


We offer a low-cost, hight quality blanks program, that you can make all your own! All our materials are ethically and sustainable sourced and production happens right here in our factory.

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